Kelvin Re in the Community is committed to supporting and bringing together the Guernsey community. Kelvin Re has been trading since 2014 and has become an influencer, driving change in the local (re)insurance market.

Kelvin Re in the Community

The programme is driven by a Community Support Team, which is provided with an annual budget to be spread across a minimum of four charities or schools, successful applicants will typically be selected in June each year. We would like potential applicants to have a fully costed proposal for between £2,000 and £5,000 (smaller or larger sums also considered by exception) and ideally be a registered charity or school. Successful applications must demonstrate a benefit to Guernsey with a focus on education, arts, health, sustainability, sport and the environment (especially maritime). 

Kelvin Re are also looking to support local projects by providing volunteers that benefit the community and uphold the Company’s values.

The Community Team

Kelly Baudains
“After growing up in Guernsey and supporting the local dance community and teaching primary school, I want to help develop the arts in our community for all to enjoy”

Phil Fox
 “As a keen diver, I have seen the impact of environmental change on Guernsey’s Marine life and want to help protect our unique biodiversity for future generations to enjoy”

Helen Higgs
“Studying a degree in environmental sciences focusing on Glaciers has heightened my awareness of the ever-changing environment and our need to be environmentally friendly and sustainable”

Why are we doing this?

To link the ethos and beliefs of Kelvin Re with the origins of its nomenclature, we believe that we should be committed to using Kelvin Re’s business assets, expertise and knowledge to support both the Guernsey community from which we operate by addressing issues and initiatives that our people care about most. 

Lord Kelvin (William Thomson, 1824-1907), the Company’s name sake, was a keen mariner, a brilliant mathematical physicist and problem solver who was famous for devising the absolute temperature scale, working to install telegraph cables under the Atlantic and the ‘Mariner’s compass’. We believe that our Corporate Responsibility Strategy should reflect the values of Lord Kelvin, its people and its stakeholder’s by supporting local charities and schools with a focus on education, arts, sport and the environment.